Welcome to Safe Haven; Chronicles of a Creative Mess

Founded in 2019, Safe Haven; Chronicles of a Creative Mess is a new and improved saga to our previous home, Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters. I began SH;AL anonymously, in early 2016, as a way to sort through my own personal issues and maybe help a few people in the process. I could never have predicted the incredible response I received, the kind people I met, and the insane confidence I've gained. SH;AL was my baby for over two years, so moving on to a new adventure was not a decision that I made lightly, but it is a decision that I believe was necessary. I've grown as a person so much in the last couple years, and I felt it was time to create something true to the me I am today. It's scary and it's exciting, but that's how the greatest chapters begin. I hope you'll join me on this new journey.

What content can you expect?

I have 5 niche's; Lifestyle, Mental Health, Blogging, Sex & Relationships and Feminism. Most of the time they'll be a how to, tips or advice, but occasionally it'll be a personal post of mine.

Following the previous success of my popular blog series Bloggers Uncensored, I have created a new and improved series called Influencers Uncensored. In this series we'll be diving deeper into Influencer's raw and uncensored opinions and experiences on the life of an influencer, racism, feminism, mental health, LGBTQ+, online trolling and more. From Monday 20th July 2020, there will be a Influencers Uncensored interview going live every Monday and Sunday at 6pm GMT. See you there!

Get to know the founder...

I'm Han, I'm 23 years old from Liverpool, England. 8 years into blogging and influencing, and I'm still as in love with it as ever. I'm an opinionated, take-no-shit-with-a-heart-of-gold woman with language that would make a sailor blush, but all I want is to make people happy and create a positive and safe atmosphere for myself and everyone I meet whether it be online or in real life. After being diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and Dystonia I decided to just spend my life doing what makes my heart glow and not let my illnesses define who I am. 

I love kindness, I love you and I love, love.

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