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25 Things To Do During Isolation

Does anyone else just keep having moments throughout the day where you remember that there's a pandemic and we're all on lock down? It's the most unreal thing right now. I keep expecting to wake up one morning and realise it was all just one of my weird ass dreams. My mental health has been suffering, but I've been trying to keep myself super busy and just use the time wisely. I know a lot of people are bored and stuck on what to do whilst they're self isolating, so I thought I'd put together a quick list of 25 things you can be doing during this time.


1. Declutter your house

This is the perfect time to comb through your house and get rid of everything you don't want or need. Go through your wardrobe, your draws, recycle all of your old papers etc. Go through your kitchen and bin all out of date food, and if there's any food that's in-date but you don't want, then try donating it too a food bank or some shops currently have a basket to put it in and they'll distribute it to people who need it.

2. Read books

I don't know about you, but I have shelves full of books and I've only read about 3 of them. I'm always saying I'm too busy, but I don't really have an excuse now.

3. Watch Netflix

You don't need to be productive the entire time you're isolating, why don't you try binging your watch list on Netflix? If you can't decide what to watch, I made an ultimate list of recommendations - I'm sort of a Netflix connoisseur.

4. Watch Disney+

I signed up to Disney+ a few days ago and I am having a BLAST! I've been making my way through my to do list, whilst binge watching Hannah Montana. So nostalgic watching my childhood favourites - it's really helping me at the minute.

5. Learn a language

Why not use this time to gain some culture?

6. Bake

Bake a cake, cookies, muffins...now I'm hungry.

7. Try new recipes

Normally we can't always get creative with our dishes, or sometimes we're just too tired to do anything more than sticking some frozen food in the oven. But whilst you have all of this time at home, why not try some new things. You could even create a challenge/competition with someone at home by choosing 5 ingredients for each other (that you already have in your kitchen) and seeing what you can create.

8. Start a business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business from home? What better time to do that than now. You could start a blog, launch an online store, become a coach of your expetise, an online tutor or language teacher. There are so many ideas for a start up!

9. Start a Youtube channel

This is something I've been wanting to do for years, and if I can gather enough confidence I would really love to start one in the next month. If I were to start a channel, what kind of thing would you like to see?

10. Start a bullet journal

Take a look on Pinterest for some bullet journal inspiration. Keeping a journal will be so therapeutic for you during this time.

11. Get creative

Paint a picture, sketch, make some cards - just get creative!

12. Write an ebook

Do you have something valuable to teach people? Why not write a self help ebook?

13. Write a novel or children's book

Have you always wanted to write a novel or children's book? Why not get started now whilst you have the time. Escape to your own little world while this one is going to shit.

14. Colour in

Colouring in books are amazing for keeping you calm and distracted!

15. Exercise

I am loving exercising lately (there's something I never thought I'd say). I better come out of this lock down with a banging body!

16. Do yoga

This is such a stressful time, and it's so important to get out of your head. Yoga is the perfect way to do that.

17. Learn to dance

There are so many dance tutorials on Youtube, especially lately. A lot of the most popular choreographers right now are teaching routines on Youtube during the lock down. So take advantage of it while you can. You don't have to be an incredible dancer, just have some fun - no one is watching you!

18. Take an online course

You can never have too much knowledge, so why don't use this time to take a few online courses.

19. Gardening

If the weathers nice, spend the day in the garden planting seeds and beautiful plants.

20. Play games

Play games, not just video games, get some board games out and play them with those in your house. But try to avoid Monopoly - I don't want you killing each other.

21. Create a killer CV

For some of you, you may need to send out your CV after all of this is done, so use this time to really jazz it up!

22. Declutter your socials and email inbox

Unfollow all of the toxic people, delete your old messages and sort through your never ending spam folder.

23. Learn to play an instrument

If you have an instrument laying around the house, why not finally get round to learning to play it.

24. Make a scrapbook

Do you have tons of photographs laying about the house? Create a beautiful scrapbook to put them all in.

25. Draw a family tree

Look back through your family history and draw up a family tree. You could even make copies for your family members.

What're you doing during the lock down?

Love, Han


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