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4 Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers

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Before becoming a blogger, I had the preconceived idea that blogging would be a walk in the park, but it wasn't. It requires 10x more dedication, hard work and patience than I ever thought it would. But the beauty of becoming a blogger is that you don't have to graduate with a degree first, you just have to be passionate about everything you do, say and write. Now, I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but, I am going to give you 4 pieces of advice that I want you to remember and that I wish I had received when I first started out. I hope it helps.


You don't have to know everything...

I became a blogger over 7 years ago and I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what to write about. I didn't know how important social media was; I thought Twitter was just a way to get your favourite celebrities to notice you and I thought Facebook was just a way to tell a bunch of random people what my mum was cooking for dinner. DA, SA, SEO - well, they just sounded like a bunch of letters to me.

Becoming a blogger should be an enlightening and exciting thing, but sometimes it's scary and intimidating. You enter this world where everyone is talking in initials, photographing flat-lays, advertising products and talking about privacy policies. But you don't have to know all of that yet. When starting out, just focus on creating a blog and content you love, and then you can learn everything else at a pace that is right for you.

I'm almost 8 years in and I can't create professional flat-lays to save my life, I still get confused at the thought of SEO, and GDPR?... well that stresses me the fuck out. So trust me, you're not behind on anything. Just enjoy the flexibility of learning in a way that suits you.

Write for you...

You know that little voice inside your head that's telling you that "you shouldn't post this" or "your readers aren't going to like or care about this" - don't listen to it! It took me a really long time to realise that the little voice inside my head was stopping me from reaching my full potential.

Whilst writing every post I'd think about whether my readers would care, whether it'd offend somebody, and if everyone would like it. And then I thought fuck that. I began to write for me, from my heart. I put my whole personality into my content. I swear like a sailor, I express opinions that not everyone will agree with, and I always write with honesty.

So you write what you want to write; regardless of what anybody else says. If you want to write about last night's episode of Coronation Street - do it. If you want to write about something controversial - do it. If you want to write something personal - do it. If you want to swear - fucking do it! Your blog is your safe place to write about anything you want. Don't be afraid to be you. Great bloggers put their personalities into every post, it's not all about perfect technique.

Connect with bloggers...

One of my absolute favourite things about being a blogger is being able to connect with other bloggers and to be a part of such a loving, uplifting and supportive community. Making blogger friends keeps you sane; bloggers share a lot of the same pet hates, and it's really only bloggers that can relate to it. Don't be afraid to approach bloggers for a chat or for advice; we don't bite I promise! But if you're not comfortable with just randomely reaching out to a stranger, you can join in with blog chats on Twitter.

I think it's so important to always support other bloggers. We're all in the same boat and we all know what it was like to be new or to struggle to gain followers or views. It can make a blogger's day just to see a nice comment on their content. Or you could join blog follow trains on Twitter, to gain followers/readers and to find new blogs to follow.

Don't second guess yourself...

When your views are slim to none and you're not gaining many followers, please don't be disheartened. I promise you that you're not doing anything wrong. I guarantee that even your favourite bloggers have dry patches as well. Never second guess your talent because of writers block, or low traffic. Your passion and talent aren't defined by your follower count.

I am always happy to help fellow bloggers with their traffic or social media if I can, so if you need to reach more people or need a bit of advice, please feel free to email me at chroniclesofacreativemess@gmail.com or DM me on my social media.

Love, Han


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