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4 Things To Consider Before Freezing Your Eggs

Freezing your eggs is a common practice for women who may not be ready to start a family yet, but who have concerns over their fertility levels.

The process involves the eggs being harvested from your ovaries to be frozen and sorted.

If you're considering freezing your eggs, then you'll no doubt already know that there is a lot that you'll need to weigh up before you go through the process. There is a lot of information you will need to take in, and it is essential that you calmly research the facts about social freezing and take some time to make sure that you understand everything before committing.

Here are four of the things that you should be considering before taking this potentially life-changing step.

1. Picking The Right Age

One of the major considerations that you will have before freezing your eggs is whether or not you are in the right age bracket to have the procedure.

Ideally, you'll want to be in your 20s or 30s when you have it done. This is because your eggs will be at their healthiest while you are still young. Ideally, you will get the procedure one before you hit your late thirties.

2. Understand That The Procedure Can Be Intense

In order to freeze your egg, you'll need to go through several stages first. You'll need to have blood drawn to elevate your ovarian reserve and check for infectious diseases. You may need to have an ultrasound to examine your ovarian function. Then, you'll take a synthetic hormone that will make your ovaries create the cells that will protect your eggs. You'll also take a medicine that will stop you from ovulating before the eggs are retrieved.

Once the ultrasound confirms that the follicles are ready and that eggs can be retrieved, you'll have an injection to help the eggs mature. Finally, the eggs will be retrieved one by one using a needle that sucks them out.

3. Understand The Side Effects

Everyone's bodies are different, and there may be some people that will get side effects from retrieving their eggs, while for others, there may be less.

The common side effects are related to the hormones that you need to take. These could involve mood swings as well as cramping.

You may also experience some bloatedness as well as some weight gain.

4. Consider Your Motivation For Doing It

Before you consider freezing your eggs, think about the reasons that you want to do it. You may want to put having a baby on hold while you focus on your career. There are also health reasons that could prompt the decision.

If you are suffering from cancer, having your eggs frozen before you go through chemotherapy or radiation will help protect your eggs. While it is not a sure-fire way of guaranteeing you can have children later on, it will provide you with some reassurances that there may be a chance of you conceiving later.

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