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7 Cheap Ways To Be Romantic

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Is the romance still alive in your relationship? Or is it something you only really do on Valentines day? You know that day where people go mad for romance and gift their partner Thornton's chocolate and Card Factory teddy bears. If you're sensing a bit of hostility towards valentines day here then you'd be correct. I don't celebrate it, I don't buy my boyfriend a chocolate rose and he doesn't take me out to a packed restaurant for a v-day special meal deal. Don't get me wrong, it's a cute day and I love seeing people in love, but I feel as though Valentines Day has become the only day of romance for a lot of couples. When in fact, you should be romancing your partner throughout the entire year.

I've heard people use the excuse "I just don't have the money", but you don't actually need that much. It's not about fancy restaurants, trips to Paris or Tiffany jewellery - romance is about effort and heart. Romance is only dead when you stop caring and stop trying. Don't worry if you're not too good on the romance front, I've got your back with 7 ways to be romantic that cost no more than £8.


Buy Flowers

Buying your partner a bunch of flowers is a generic romantic gesture, but we love it! There's something so heart warming about being given a bouquet, especially if it's from your love. You haven't got to go to a fancy flower shop and pay an arm and a leg for some extravagant arrangement. One of my favourite places to buy flowers is actually Aldi or Lidl. Honestly, they have beautiful bunches of flowers and they're all under £4. So if you want to make a cheap and easy romantic gesture, head to your local Aldi and pick up a bunch of gorgeous fresh flowers.

Write A Love Letter

You may think it's cringe, but it's actually incredibly sweet and romantic to be able to pour your heart out in a letter to the person you love. You haven't got to be a wordsmith to write a love letter, you just have to be open and write from the heart. If you're stuck on what to write, here are a few ideas;

> "Reasons why I love you..."

> "My promises to you..."

> Your favourite memories together

> A poem

> "What I love about us..."

> "The first time I saw you..."

Full Body Massage

I LOVE getting massages from my boyfriend, and I'm betting your partner loves them from you too. If you frequently do massage-for-massage with your other half, then I have a few ideas for you to turn it into a romantic gesture. You're welcome.

  1. Massage them for at least 30-45 minutes.

  2. Don't expect or ask for one in return!

  3. Set the mood with some candles and music.

  4. Step up your massage game with massage oil! You can pick up a bottle for £8 or less in Boots, T.K.maxx and Ann Summers.

Run A Bath

Give your partner something nice to come home too by running them a bubble bath (with extra bubbles!) Pour them a glass of wine, light candles to create a dim lighting, and lay rose petals across the floor to really step up the romance - they might even ask you to join them *wink, wink*.

Don't worry about the cost! You can pick an 80 pack of tealights up from B&M for just £2.99, and a box of rose petals from Tesco for £1.50.

Have A Dinner Date

You don't always have to leave the house to have a date. Cook them a nice dinner and set the table up to look romantic and pretty, you could use the candles and rose petals or some fairy lights. If you're not the best cook, don't worry! Just buy a couple microwavable meals and plate it up, and then buy a cheap dessert for after.

If you're reading this post in the summer, why not try an outdoor dinner date in the comfort of your own back garden. Just imagine having dinner with your love, surrounded by candles and sitting under the stars. Beautiful!

Cosy Night In

You might be thinking "we always have night's in", but it's not just about being together inside, it's about the effort you put in to it. Put cushions and blankets down on the floor (because nights in are always more cosy on the floor), use fairy lights to dimly light the room, put Netflix on, get snacks, and order a takeaway.

If you're feeling really creative, you could try making a little cosy fort for the two of you.

Breakfast In Bed

Whip them up a good breakfast, make them a cuppa, and pour them a little glass of orange juice. Breakfast in bed from your partner is always such a sweet surprise, and it'll definitely start their day off right.

Check out my Pinterest board for all things romance inspo!

Love, Han


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