• Han Butler

8 Reasons to become an influencer

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Influencer. There's a lot of people that don't like calling themselves that, or don't like others calling themselves that. But if you're using your social platform to promote causes, brands, products and movements then you are in fact influencing.

I personally don't have an issue with calling myself an Influencer. If your intentions are good and you're trying to help people and trying to make some sort of a change for the good of people, then why would you not want to influence others to do the same? There are some major benefits to becoming an Influencer and contrary to popular belief there is room for more of us to join in. Unsure whether to enter the world of Instagram algorithms and content creation? Then keep reading!


You'll unlock new versions of yourself.

When I first started in the blogger/influencer world I was a shy and naive 15 year old. Being in this world allowed me to unlock parts of myself that I didn't know existed. I've become a strong-minded, opinionated feminist and advocate.

Great way to promote your business.

Whether you have an online store, own a salon, or even a carpet business - building a following as an Influencer can have a huge benefit on your business.

It gives you a creative outlet to express yourself.

You don't just have to post plain selfies all of the time, being an Influencer gives you a free creative reign.

There's potential to earn money.

Depending on how serious you take it, there's opportunities to earn quite a lot of money!

Opportunity to talk about things that matter and influence people to be good and do good.

Whether you're passionate about mental health, the BLM movement, feminism, veganism or marmite - with an Influencers following you can talk about those things on a large scale and make a real difference.

You'll meet new and incredible people.

I can't even count how many amazing people I've met - friends, supporters, teachers, confidants.

Boosts confidence.

Having brands want to work with you, having people check your page everyday just to see if you've posted anything, and the incredible comments on your content seriously boosts your confidence, I mean how can it not?

Causes you to develop healthy life habits.

Being an influencer takes a lot more time, work and dedication than people think but it actually ends up creating really positive life habits. You tend to develop a healthier routine; exercising more, eating healthier, practicing self care and gratitude, improving your social life etc. Surely this is reason enough to become an Influencer.

. . .

If you decide to take the leap, follow me on Insta.

Love, Han


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