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A How To: Balancing Love and Your Career

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I've been blogging now for a long time, it's the only thing I want to do in life. You'd think that would mean I'd never let anything distract me from achieving it, right? Well you'd be wrong. When I entered into my current relationship back in 2018 I sort of lost focus. I was consumed by the process of falling in love and everything that came along with it. Finding a balance between my love life and my career felt impossible, but then I thought we all have an infinite capacity to love, which means I have enough heart to work on my passion and my relationship simultaneously.

Studies have actually shown that people in happy relationships make more money and get promoted more. With that in mind, I began to put all of my focus and effort into creating a plan to maintain a balance in my life, and it worked! So what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't share my tips and tricks with you? I'm not an expert by any means, but if it worked for me, it just might work for you.


Filter out the time wasters

I'm guilty of letting myself be consumed by time wasters. Whether that be getting caught up in a week long binge on Netflix or falling into an unhealthy addiction to phone cooking games. But we need to filter those captivating time wasters out of our routines. Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you delete your Netflix account because I couldn't give up my TV shows either.

I'm suggesting that you fit them into your schedule, not fit your schedule around them. I realised recently that I kept finding myself dramatically behind on my work, not because I spent some time with my boyfriend, but because I spent a ridiculous amount of time re-watching The Big Bang Theory (AGAIN) during, what was supposed to be, my productive hours.


I'm not talking about deciding whether it's love or career that gets priority over the other, because everything that is important to you should be treated as a priority. I suggest that you create a weekly schedule. Write in your designated work times and the time you'll be spending with your other half and be sure to not let anything else seep into those times. You can then add and change anything else around your priorities.

Always remember: that prioritising does not mean sacrifice!


Keep your love life and your career completely separate. Whilst working, make sure that you stay focused and productive by not letting your love life distract you. Vice versa, don't let your work become a distraction whilst you're spending quality time with your other half. When I'm with my boyfriend I don't reply to any emails from bloggers and brands or DM's from people asking for advice. As soon as you let your career seep into your quality time, even if it's just replying to a few work emails, you'll continue to do it. Spend time with your love, work can wait until it's next scheduled.

Are you balancing love and your career? Do you have any tips to share?

Love, Han


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