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A Woman Like Me - crushing female stereotypes

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Insecure but I'm workin' with it, many things that I could get rid off, ain't about to give it up... Oh hey! I have been listening to Woman Like Me on repeat since it dropped 2 weeks ago. If you've been living under a rock and haven't listened to it yet, then go; go get empowered! The music video for WLM dropped at midnight last night and it's most definitely the best music video I've seen in a long time. If you don't know already, I am a passionate feminist and a HUGE fan of Little Mix and Nicki Minaj, so to have them collaborate on a song that celebrates women's individuality and personality was a dream!

The music video follows the girls learning how to become a proper woman, being taught the right ways to be feminine. It shows them learning the proper posture by balancing books on their heads, as well as carrying out female roles, such as; ironing, hoovering and generally taking care of the house. Then it shows them eating at the dinner table with proper lady like manners. After being blessed with the #MonaNika, we got to see Little Mix rebel from societies stereotypes of a how a woman should be and act, and become themselves.

This music video left me feeling empowered as fuck, so I wanted to write a post in celebration of the release of Woman Like Me, by crushing the female stereotypes right here, right now! Women (and even girls) are expected to dress modestly and feminine. We're expected to be naturally nurturing and accommodating. Society decided how females are supposed to look, act, and speak a very long time ago.

I don't know about you but I've never been one to give a fuck what society expects of me. I don't fit into many of the stereotypes that I'm supposed to but that doesn't make me any less of a woman. What stereotypes do women face? Carry on reading to find out because I'm about to discredit every single one of them.

| Little girls should play with dolls |

I spent my childhood playing with dolls, I used to always receive them as presents and I did quite like them. But I also chose to play in the dirt and climb trees. Society can push for gender specific toy's all they want, but they can't stop the inevitable because a child will go and play what they want regardless of what is expected of them. We should be continuing to teach them as they grow older too instead of ruining their youth with centuries old discrimination.

| Pink is a feminine colour |

Why is pink a feminine colour? Can anyone actually answer that question with something other than "because it is"?

p.s. I'm a feminine woman who can't stand pink but loves blue.

| Women love make up |

Yes some women do love make up, and some women don't. Am I less of a woman because I don't know how to contour or apply eye liner? No, I'm not. Neither are you.

| Women should have a certain level of innocence |

I'm not talking about the innocence that depends on whether you're a criminal or not, but rather the innocence that depends on whether you've had sex, or how many people you've had sex with, or whether you smoke and drink. It's 2018, women will talk about sex in pubic, they will drink as much as they want and they will smoke without apologising. And who a woman does or doesn't have sex with is absolutely no one else's business.

Society hun, get used to it.

| Women lack the confidence to lead |

Hm. Who the hell thought that we lack the confidence to lead? We don't share the same amount of confidence. If a woman wants to lead, she will lead!

| Women aren't ambitious |

Again, who? Everyone has ambitions. Whether those ambitions are to travel the world, to run a fortune 500 company, or to be a stay at home mum. Ambitions aren't gender specific and it'd be dumb to think otherwise.

| All women want marriage and babies |

Still to this day society presumes that every woman wants to fall in love, get married, have lot's of babies and live happily ever after. When someone speaks up with a different idea for their future, they're looked down upon and are made to feel like they're doing something wrong. Having a uterus does not mean we're obligated to bring life into the world.

| Women are easily hurt and emotional |

Are we? Don't get me wrong, I'm an emotional wreck at times. especially when I'm on my period; but I can name a good few men who have the emotions of a heavily hormonal pregnant woman. So maybe, just maybe, emotion differs by person and not gender.

| Women are sensitive to other's feelings |

"Women always know the right thing to say" - I don't! I speak before I think most of the time. We don't come with a fitted device that detects people's feelings. We're winging it just as much as everyone else is.

| Women = submissive |

I'm eye rolling SO hard right now!

| Women are indecisive |

Me? Indecisive? No I'm not...Well I guess I am...but not all the time...oh I don't know, I can't decide.

In fact, yes I can - sometime's I'm indecisive, sometime's I'm not. And that's ok because it's not a fucking label and it's doesn't matter.

| Women are dependent upon others |

Women haven't been fighting for centuries to get equal rights for nothing. We don't want to depend on others, we want to be independent. We've always wanted to be independent - that is the point! That is what we're fighting for every single day.

| Women are the weak sex |

Weak how? Physically? Surely not. There's women doing the same jobs as men because they can, because they're just as strong. So are we weak mentally? Nope, that can't be it either because we're strong enough to fight through discrimination.

Is it possible that there is no weak sex? Is it possible that strength comes from within, and it has nothing to do with the body we're born in?

| Women are home-oriented |

There are some women who want and love to stay at home and clean, cook, take care of her partner and the kids.

This may shock you, but there are also some men who want and love to stay at home and clean, cook, take care of his partner and the kids.

| Women are bad drivers |

I can't drive, nor do I want to so I can't say too much about it. But what I will say is that I've seen many dick heads on the road and I can't say I've ever noticed a gender out-ranking the other.

. . .

Joking aside, whatever sex you identify as, you probably witness gender stereotypes all around you. Whether that be from older generations, on the news, on TV, or on the street. You might even have experienced some form of sexism or discrimination first hand. Society thinks it's ok but I want to tell you that it's not. It's not ok for someone to stereotype you based on the gender you identify as. Things are never going to change unless we all speak up and demand that change.

In conclusion; be the change you want to see in the world, and tell society to fuck off and take their dehumanising stereotypes with them!

Love, Han


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