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An Open Letter To Cheaters Everywhere

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I've been in a few conversations lately about lying and cheating in a relationship, so I thought I'd write a short article on it. More precisely an open letter to cheaters, or to those who are thinking about it.


If you are reading this and you haven't cheated on your partner - then don't, please stay faithful. If you're reading this and you have cheated on your partner, whether that be sex, kissing or flirting/sexting with them, then I have one question for you - why? Why would you want the person you supposedly love to wonder each day why they weren't good enough for you? Surely you know before you do it that it will hurt the one you care about, yet that still doesn't stop you.

You may be reading this thinking "I flirt with girls/boys online but I'd never actually do anything with them. I'm not cheating." Well, sorry to burst your perfect little bubble there, but you are cheating. It may be harmless to you because you think you wouldn't take it any further, but it's wrong and seriously hurtful. Why are you looking elsewhere? Why are you making the person who loves you, look a fool? If you're still questioning whether you're actually cheating or not, let me make it clear to you - if you are hiding your phone away so your partner doesn't see those messages, then you already know you're doing something wrong.

If you love someone, and I mean truly love them, you wouldn't cheat on them, you wouldn't actively look elsewhere. I mean, unless your partner is a psychopathic abuser who is trying to destroy your life, then you cheating is not their fault and they absolutely did not deserve it. So why are you doing it? Sense of entitlement? Boredom? Curiosity? What ever your "reason" is, stop your bullshit and break up with your partner, because they do not deserve to be drowning in self-doubt, they don't deserve to be emotionally destroyed by you, and they certainly don't deserve to have their future relationships ruined by their new lack of trust that you've instilled in them.

If you care about your partner at all, then end your relationship with them before you cheat, because they deserve better than you. Breaking up with your partner is far kinder than cheating on them. Trust me, nothing hurts more than the heart break you feel when the person you trusted most in this world, breaks that trust and hurts you.

That's all I'm going to say on the subject, but I have a few more words for you from my lovely Twitter followers:

@twps said:

"Just remember that one day when people find out you are a cheater, nobody will ever want you."


"It is unacceptable. If you love someone then that person is the 'one' and if you are unhappy, or stressed, or bored or whatever the reason behind cheating is - tell your partner and leave them first. Cheating is wrong."

@MrsSleeJones said:

"One day someone is going to break your heart and then you'll know how bad of a person you are."

@oreyes107 said:

"If you cheat, you'll always be paranoid that someone will cheat on you. So even if you get away with it and your partner doesn't find out, the guilt will manifest itself in the form of paranoia. Even when you date a new person, the fear doesn't go away. Don't do it."

@loubieloublogs said:

"Bye Felicia"

@lifewcattitude said:

"If they cheated with you, they'll sure as hell cheat on you."

@EHerConfessions said:

"Karma is a Bitch."

@sweetelyseuk said:

"You suck, no one likes you and you are a blight on humanity."

@BehindtheWDoors said:

"Life's a circle and even if you get in to a relationship where you know you'll never cheat, you have to decide if you want to keep the secret that you were a cheat or tell the truth and live with the fact that you'll never have 100% of their trust no matter how much they love you."

@Livinglovingan1 said:

"Just why? Did it make you feel good? Did it make you feel "alive"? I promise you this - you will be miserable in every future relationship as you won't be able to trust yourself. Good luck."

@LoretaBVV said:

"Cheating is for cowards. You're not forced into a relationship, if you want something else - you're free to leave. I've never been able to understand why people are doing it."

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