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Bloggers Uncensored: with Jus' Harpz

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Welcome to this weeks Bloggers Uncensored! This is my latest and favourite blog series that I've created. This series is an opportunity to read your favourite bloggers' honest and uncensored opinions on real life topics. This weeks bloggers is Jus' Harpz.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Shanese and I'm from Jamaica plus that's where I live too. I'm a university student but I'm almost done. When I'm done, I'll have my Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Management Studies. I'll be 22 pretty soon and I consider myself to be an outgoing introvert. I love food, music, audiobooks and most of all sleeping. Oh and I run my own Jus' Harpz, which is my blog (obviously).

Why do you write?

I write because I want to let my thoughts escape, well come of them, and to share my views with people other than my friends.

Why did you start blogging?

I had a lot of thoughts in my head that I wanted to share in hopes that people could relate to me.

What do you love about the blogging world/community?

I suppose it would be that they're willing to support you even if it means following your social media accounts or leaving a comment on your blog post or tweet. I personally haven't received much "love" from the community. I see people praise it but I can't relate to their experience if I'm being completely honest.

What do you hate about the blogging world/community?

I hate that bigger bloggers don't really support smaller bloggers but will always look to the smaller bloggers for support and views. It really just seems to me that this blogging community is mostly based in the US and UK since I struggle daily to get support. I'm grateful for the little support I get sometimes.

In you opinion, who are the most underrated bloggers?

All small bloggers are the most underrated of course. There's no one individual underrated blogger to me.

What are some hard truths you have learnt about life?

A hard truth I've learnt about life is that even your close friends will betray you. I mean I already knew but at the same time, it's something you don't always expect to happen because you give people the benefit of the doubt.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to me means being able to do anything you want without being judged or told what to do. It's being accepted even when we each have different views on certain things.

What are your thoughts on mental health and how it's portrayed in today's society?

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. I feel that even today no one really pays much attention to someone's mental health unless it's a celebrity. I feel that the support the people give to celebrities that suffer with their mental health, should also be given to these people's close friends and family, especially in the work place.

What are your thoughts on feminism and how it's portrayed in today's society?

I'm not a feminist. I'm neither for nor against feminism. I do believe that there are extremists in feminism. I do believe in some of the feminist views and I disagree with some as well. Feminism in today's society, to me seems pretty extreme. I've seen arguments that to me are uncalled for and are fighting against something like religious belief/practice. I also don't believe that whatever a man can do, a woman can do too. There are a few things that only men can do that women can't and vice versa. But I do believe in women's rights and equality 100%.

What are your thoughts on 'Love is Love' and how it's portrayed in today's society?

I have no thoughts on this because I feel like some people take it the wrong way sometimes. I don't think it has a bad portrayal in today's society for the most part.

What advice would you give to someone who is fighting a mental illness?

Talk to someone about it, preferably a professional because talking about it can help to lift some weight off their shoulders and also don't take any drugs like cocaine because they will affect you negatively.

What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied or harassed?

Retaliating isn't good for anybody so never physically fight a person that is bullying/harassing you because it may turn out bad for you. Karma works in mysterious ways so you just have to be patient for that time to come. I've always had this one thought that I've said to friends; it's don;t worry because one day you'll turn out way more successful than the person who is bullying you so live your life and make your dreams come true, and if when you're successful and that person hits you up on social media, ignore it because they've done nothing but bad things to you and tried to prevent you from shining as bright as a diamond.

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

There's so many things I'd rid the world of if I could. Narrowing it down to one thing is pretty hard but I guess for now I'd say poverty.

What else do you feel strongly about?

I feel strongly about a lot of things that I can't really pinpoint just one thing. However, I will say that I feel strongly about poverty, the foreign exchange rate in my country, global warming, crime, racism, ignorant people on the internet (although I can't stop them) and the list goes on.

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions:

Love or money?

Love and some money, honey.

Work hard or play hard?

Both, I mean, I can't be working hard all the time, I need to have fun too.

Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?

Right side up.

Chocolate or sex?

Chocolate. I would say sex but I can do without.

Plan everything or wing it?

Both. It's good to plan everything but sometimes when you make a plan, it may falter and at that point you wing it.

Happiness or money?

Both. Even though money can't buy happiness, it's good to have both.

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Love, Han


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