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Bloggers Uncensored: with Liv's Little Blog

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Welcome to this weeks Bloggers Uncensored! This is my latest and favourite blog series that I've created. This series is an opportunity to read your favourite bloggers' honest and uncensored opinions on real life topics. This weeks blogger is Liv's Little Blog.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I'm Liv and I'm currently studying law, business and sociology at college. I have the cutest dog ever called Mollie and I also love to play cricket (I know, old mans sport right!) I have the most amazing boyfriend and we've been together nearly 6 months.

Why do you write?

I love writing because it gives me a place to get all my thoughts out and hopefully inspire others.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging to create a platform for all my ideas and writing. I have never shared any of my words so I think it's an amazing idea to start a blog!

What do you love about the blogging world/community?

I think the blogging community is amazing! There are so many amazing people and everyone is so kind and helpful. If ever I have a problem I know I can ask anyone for help and they would be more than willing to lend a helping hand.

What do you hate about the blogging world/community?

I don't necessarily hate anything about the blogging community, but it's so annoying that blogging isn't seen as a proper job!

In your opinion, who are the most underrated bloggers?

I think the most underrated bloggers are all the ones just starting out. They have a little following yet post great content!

What are some hard truths you have learnt about life?

The main hard truth I have learnt about life is that not everyone lasts forever. I know it's pretty deep but it's true. 4 of my closest family members have recently passes away and it is very hard to deal with.

What does freedom mean to you?

I believe freedom is being allowed to be yourself and do you. It is always best to just be yourself and learnt to love who you are.

What are your thoughts on mental health and how it's portrayed in today's society?

Mental health is an extremely important topic and I don't think it is talked about enough in society and mainly in schools. Mental health problems are becoming predominant in children and young adults and it isn't covered enough!

What are your thoughts on feminism and how it's portrayed in today's society?

Feminism is the way to go! I believe being a feminist is so important and I don't care whether you're male or female, everyone should be a feminist! It is so important to treat everyone equally and with respect and everyone in society should remember that.

What are your thoughts on 'Love is Love' and how it's portrayed in today's society?

I think it doesn't matter who it is you love, if you love them, you love them! It doesn't matter what their sex may be or what gender they are, if they make you happy then, be happy! More people in society need to remember and respect this.

What advice would you give to someone who is fighting a mental illness?

The advice I would give to someone who is fighting a mental illness would be to make sure you have someone you can turn to and tell them everything. This can be an amazing help as it can get everything off your chest and leaves you being able to breathe a little easier.

What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied or harassed?

I would tell whoever is being harassed or bullied to definitely, definitely, definitely tell someone about it! I know it will be hard at first to buck up the courage but it will help in the long run to get it all sorted out.

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

If I could get rid of one thing in the world it would be rats. I think they're disgusting and just make me scream!

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions:

Love or money?

Love! Money is great but is it all worth it if you have no one to spend it on?

Work hard or play hard?

Play hard! I love spending time with my friends and joking around.

Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?

Upside down! My mum does it this way for some reason, so I just copy her.

Chocolate or sex?

I loveeee chocolate.

Plan everything or wing it?

Wing it! I never really plan, I just wing it and hope for the best.

Happiness or money?

Happiness! I always try to remain happy even through the toughest times.

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Love, Han


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