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Bloggers Uncensored: with Treat Yo Brain

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Welcome to this weeks Bloggers Uncensored! If this is your first time reading a BU interview, this is my longest running blog series, and definitely my favourite. This series is a perfect opportunity to read your favourite bloggers' honest and uncensored opinions on real life topics, and to discover new bloggers to follow! This weeks blogger is Treat Yo Brain.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Monina, but I go by "Mo." I'm 22 years old and I'm an American currently living in the UK with plans to move to Australia. I run the blog "Treat Yo Brain" and my biggest goal right now is to do mental health advocacy full-time through my blog, Patreon, Ko-Fi, and eventually Youtube.

Why do you write?

I write mainly to raise awareness and understanding towards mental illnesses as well as to help those with mental illnesses to manage it effectively. I ant to be a part of the movement to destigmatize mental illness and to create a world where these conditions are taken seriously.

Why did you start blogging?

During my senior year of uni, I ended up being hospitalised four times due to my deteriorating mental health. During this time, I experienced a lot of unfair treatment by the staff and mental health professionals due to stigma and improper education. I recognised that this was wrong and I wanted to do something to combat it. Thus, "Treat Yo Brain" was born.

What do you love about the blogging world/community?

I love how kind and supportive the blogging community is. You can always count on other bloggers to share and comment on your articles!

What do you hate about the blogging world/community?

I wouldn't say it's something I hate about the community, but I do hate how difficult it is to get your material out there to the general public. When I share something, it sort of just circles around the blogging community, but I want my work to go beyond that.

In your opinion, who are the most underrated bloggers?

In my opinion, here are the Twitter handles of the most underrated bloggers:




What are some hard truths you have learnt about life?

I learned that you can't please everyone and that you need to accept that you have your own limits.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom means that I can do what I want without having an authority figure tell me that I can't.

What are your thoughts on mental health and how it's portrayed in today's society?

I think we still have a long way to go before mental health is taken as seriously as physical health but people are starting to listen to us and I'm optimistic that the future is bright as long as we keep sharing our stories and educating others.

What advice would you give to someone who is fighting a mental illness?

Keep fighting, and find yourself a good support system. If you can't find it in your family or friends at home, look on the internet. Personally, I find Mental Health Twitter to be an excellent support system. Knowing that I'm not alone helps me so much. Also, if you're on meds as part of your treatment plan, take them as prescribed consistently.

What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied or harassed?

I would suggest that you tell someone about it. Preferably an authority figure. You shouldn't have to deal with that. Take it from someone who was bullied all throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

If I could rid the world of one thing, it would be of mosquitoes. (I tried to think of something deep, but the whole yin/yang thing got me into a whole existential crisis)

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions:

Love or money?


Work hard or play hard?

Play hard--life is too short to focus on work all the time.

Cups in the cupboard: right side up or upside down?

Right side up.

Chocolate or sex?


Plan everything or wing it?

I'm a bit of both, but if I had to choose, it would be to wing it.

Happiness or money?

Definitely happiness.

You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Patreon, Youtube and Ko-Fi.

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Love, Han


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