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Influencers Uncensored: with Abbey's Chronicle

We have said goodbye to our popular Bloggers Uncensored series to make room for the new and improved Influencers Uncensored! You're probably wondering what the difference between the two is outside of changing the name slightly and how it's "new and improved". Well, in this new series we've expanded it beyond just the blogging community to involve all social media influencers and youtubers! We'll also be diving deeper into the life of an influencer, racism, mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+ and so much more! Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencers really think about the topics that matter? Well now you'll find out in this raw and uncensored interview series!

Interested? Good! Because it's time to introduce you to today's influencer...

Meet Abbey, a 19 year old blogger from Nigeria. Abbey considers herself to be a "nicheless" blogger because her blog, Abbey's Chronicles, revolves around her chronicling different areas of her life, from music reviews, blog reviews and mental health to even food and lifestyle.

Abbey's blog is one that I've followed for a while now. I love to read her "Abbey's Verdict" music reviews, and the guest articles published on BLM are inspiring and thought-provoking to say the least.

Life of an Influencer...

What initially made you get into blogging?

The driving force for me was the fact that writing has always been my only way to express myself especially as I'm an introvert. One day my mental health took a worse dip than normal, and I was so angry I got out of my home and started typing out my emotions and it just made me feel better and made me process my emotions and feelings clearly.

What is your experience of societies perception about pursuing blogging as a career path?

For me society so far has not been too friendly with the idea of choosing blogging as a career path. In the words of one of my friends "blogging is a hobby not a full time job" that statement pretty much sums up the way people have viewed it for me.

What are the pros and cons to being an Influencer in 2020?

The pros for me is being able to encourage not just others but myself with my content, just having people relate and know they aren't alone as well as provide an avenue for entertainment is really a joy. But the cons for me is that I for one have realised that I may be held to a greater standard and people begin to feel that because you're an "influencer" it erases my humanity.

What difficulties have you faced during your time as a blogger?

Time constraints have been pretty difficult because it's like once you take a break off blogging, when you're back it's like starting over again. And sometimes you put everything into a post and the engagement or interaction is low or it doesn't make the desired impact it can be really discouraging.

The Influencer community is huge, who are your favourites to follow right now?

So far I've been fortunate enough to meet incredible people along the way. My faves so far in no particular order would be Trevor Opio, Beauty of my chaotic mind, John Arenburg and Black Bloggers Unite.

Let's get deep...

Recently the Black Lives Matter movement got the world's attention. Racism is finally being talked about openly, and white privilege is being acknowledged. What is your opinion on the BLM movement?

For me especially as a black woman this has been way overdue and it's sad that it took the death of George Floyd for the world to finally acknowledge the deep rootedness of racism within, not just individuals, but the system at large. I fully support the BLM movement or push for equality and equity for blacks and people of colour and all minority groups who've been dealt the short end of the stick.

What does the word "Feminist" mean to you?

I feel the word Feminist has been misused by some people, especially during these times. Feminism for me is about EQUITY not just equality. Feminism is about equity for women, it's about protecting the rights of women and pushing an agenda for women to NOT be discriminated against just because of their gender. It should not be used as a weapon for misandry.

In 2020, how important do you think the feminist movement is?

At a time like this where violence and discrimination against women has become somewhat "normalised and excused" we need feminists to stand and raise their voices to champion the right of women to their bodies, in their workplace etc. Right now women are raising their voices to have a right to "not be killed or raped or sexually abused or maltreated and disrespected"...The importance cannot be overemphasised.

There has always been such a stigma surrounding mental health, how do you feel mental illness is being portrayed in today's society?

Mental illness has been portrayed in a bad light for as long as I can remember, society has placed mental illness as something to be ashamed of or to hide. This is wrong, mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated as such. The media has also helped this stereotype by making it look like people who do bad and dangerous things most certainly have mental illness e.g. blaming mental illness for a person's blatant racism or rapist tendencies.

What can we, the government and society do to progress mental health services and end the stigma surrounding it?

We as a society have a role to play by educating not just ourselves but those around us as to what mental illness really is about. People "fear what they do not understand". Also there needs to be more facilities set up and accessible to any and everyone who feels they are going through mental health troubles to get help and confide in professionals.

Do you believe we are all individually responsible in stopping online trolls? What can we as the users do to help stop them and protect others?

In some way we all have a role to play when it comes to online trolling and bullying. It can be from as little as sending positive words to a person you come across being bullied. We can help by also not setting people up on a pedestal for them to be bullied either by posting images or videos that is capable of getting them negativity, especially without the person's consent. And finally the BLOCK and REPORT button should be employed into good use.

How much acceptance do the LGBTQ+ community receive in your county?

I would say not too much.

Are we, as a society, making enough progress?

Right now we're far from progressing forward, we're just processing actions of past and present so until it's all processed and taken care of, progress is certainly going to be slow.

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue we as a world are facing?

Lack of tolerance and empathy for each other. If we had these two most of the problems we face right now might be limited.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to me is a word that can only be used when we're living in a world where we all are free to be able to live to our full potential without society putting a tag or an expected standard.

What else do you feel passionate about?

I am passionate about committing to being a forensic psychiatrist where I know for sure I would be able to not just help people but also provide some form of justice to those who seek it.

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions...

Tea or coffee?

Tea for sure.

Text or call?

I'd prefer texting over and over again.

Summer or winter?

Summer, I can't stand the cold.

Love or money?

Would have to choose money...I know many would be like why not love and yes love is important to have but money is "importanter".

Book or movie?

I would rather read a book...then maybe watch the movie later on.

Sex or pizza?

Neither appeals to me.

Meat or veggies?

Meat please.

Tiktok or youtube?

Youtube...Tiktok is getting too racist and corny for me.

Fame or quiet life?

A quiet life.

Night in or night out?

Night in...my introverted self cringes at the thought of night outs.

. . .

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Love, Han


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