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Influencers Uncensored: with Girly Gabble

We have said goodbye to our popular Bloggers Uncensored series to make room for the new and improved Influencers Uncensored! You're probably wondering what the difference between the two is outside of changing the name slightly and how it's "new and improved". Well, in this new series we've expanded it beyond just the blogging community to involve all social media influencers and youtubers! We'll also be diving deeper into the life of an influencer, racism, mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+ and so much more! Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencers really think about the topics that matter? Well now you'll find out in this raw and uncensored interview series!

Excited? Good! Because it's time to introduce today's Influencer...

Everyone meet Lozza:

"I'm Lozza, I'm 26 and I live with my partner Rob and our son Alfie. I work part time as a copywriter as well as running my blog."

Life as an Influencer...

What initially made you get into blogging and Instagram influencing?

I started blogging in my teenage years because I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts on things to see if others can relate to me. My first blog got so much engagement but then I took a long break from it because of personal issues at the time. When I returned, I was too focused on monetising it and lost my passion so sadly gave that blog up. I've had a couple of other blogs since but my one now has stuck because I've finally found my passion and know what I'm doing (somewhat). I started my current Instagram account to go with my blog and help drive people to it. I ended up having lots of brands reach out to work with me and I built it from there.

What is your experience of societies perception about pursuing blogging and influencing as a career path?

I find that a lot of people badmouth influencers and bloggers and think that they get tons of freebies when that's obviously not the case at all as we put a lot of work in. I've had family members assume that the packages I receive are all just for free and when I explain that I spend hours writing up a review and taking product photos they still don't seem to understand the work that I put in and how it's a side hustle for me.

What are the pros and cons to being an Influencer in 2020?

I think there are many pros to being an influencer as you have the power to educate others and create a positive space for others to refer to. The cons is that there is a lot of competition so it's so hard now to get noticed and stand out.

What difficulties have you faced during your time as a blogger and influencer?

I've lost my passion before which was sad but after taking a break I found it again and reminded myself why I started which helped me get back into things. The biggest difficulty I find now is learning how to switch off. I feel like I always have to be planning new content or engaging with others and it's hard to remind myself that it is actually work.

The Influencer community is huge, who are your favourites to follow right now?

Ah so huge! I love Sophia Tranter as she puts so much effort into her posts and always has an inspiring message to share. I also love the body positive mama who again is so inspiring and real!

Let's get deep...

Recently the Black Lives Matter movement got the world's attention. Racism is finally being talked about openly, and white privilege is being acknowledged. What is your opinion on the BLM movement?

I completely support it and have taken time to educate myself better on the topic and have signed every petition that I've seen. I'm shocked at how many people still don't get it and are disregarding the importance of the BLM movement.

Although the protests have mostly stopped for the time being, what can we do to make sure the movement and black lives continue to be supported?

Keep educating yourself and speak up when you can. If people you know make racist comments then don't stand for it! Put them straight and use your voice to raise awareness.

What does the word "Feminist" mean to you?

I see a feminist as someone who wants to stand up for women and fight for equal rights. A lot of people think that a feminist is someone who puts men down and put women on a pedestal but I don't see it that way at all.

In 2020, how important do you think the feminist movement is?

It should always be important. Until people stop saying things like 'you act like a girl' or insinuating that women can't do certain things, it should always be an important topic.

There has always been such a stigma surrounding mental health, how do you feel mental illness is being portrayed in today's society?

I've noticed over the past few years that so much more awareness is being raised and people seem to be more understanding of things which I'm obviously really pleased with. However there's always room for improvement.

What can we, the government and society do to progress mental health services and end the stigma surrounding it?

Keep sharing services such as the Samaritans and make it easy for everyone to access help when they need it. By more people speaking up and sharing the story, the sooner the stigma will end.

As an influencer you have to spend a lot of time on social media. Do you get affected by online trolling; whether it be directly or indirectly?

I have been affected directly by trolling a few times occasionally. The worst was when I was pregnant and after sharing my story about how I'd been trying for a baby for years and how much of a miracle it was that I managed to conceive against the odds, I had someone comment on a photo of me sharing my bump saying that I was disgusting and should put my fat ugly belly away. After ignoring their comments they kept messaging me being really disgusting towards me so I blocked them and moved on.

Do you think social networks are doing enough to combat online trolling? If not, what can they do?

This is a difficult one because I see so much of it happening online but I don't know what social networks can do apart from maybe responding quicker when someone reports another person and remove them from the network.

Do you believe we are all individually responsible in stopping online trolls? What can we as the users do to help stop them and protect others?

I believe so. If you see someone being horrible towards another person then report their comment. It takes 2 seconds and can stop the victim from seeing it and getting upset.

What does freedom mean to you?

To me, freedom is about being able to use your voice and act as you wish without being held back by others.

What else do you feel passionate about?

I'm extremely passionate about wellbeing and helping others live a happier and stress free life. I've made big changes to my Instagram and am now focusing on helping others to feel good through every aspect of life.

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions:

Tea or coffee?

I'm one of those who enjoy both. I really couldn't choose.

Text or call?

I can get really socially awkward so I prefer to text.

Summer or winter?

Definitely summer as I suffer quite badly with S.A.D during the winter.

Love or money?

Love of course! Money isn't important if you don't have people around you that love and support you.

Book or movie?

Mmm I'm a fan of both really but I'd choose book as I can really get lost in a good book.

Sex or pizza?

Oh man now you're making this hard (no pun intended) I LOVE pizza but I guess I could go without it more than sex.

Meat or veggies?

I've been eating a lot of meat free products lately because I don't like cooking with meat. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and though I'm not anymore I'd still choose veggies I think. Tough choice though!

TikTok or Youtube?

TikTok. It's quite entertaining I find and holds your attention for longer.

Fame or quiet life?

Ah a quiet life. I'm too anxious to be able to cope with fame.

Night in or night out?

Always a night in! I love being cosy and in my calm, relaxing environment.

. . .

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Love, Han


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