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Influencers Uncensored: with Just Jas

We have said goodbye to our popular Bloggers Uncensored series to make room for the new and improved Influencers Uncensored! You're probably wondering what the difference between the two is outside of changing the name slightly and how it's "new and improved". Well, in this new series we've expanded it beyond just the blogging community to involve all social media influencers and youtubers! We'll also be diving deeper into the life of an influencer, racism, mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+ and so much more! Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencers really think about the topics that matter? Well now you'll find out in this raw and uncensored interview series!

Excited? Good! Because it's time to introduce today's Influencer...

Meet Jas, here's a little bit about her:

"I am mostly a YouTuber and Instagrammer (is that even a word lol) I mostly post about life, petite fashion ad vlogs! I'm 20 years old from South East England! Something people are always surprised about me is that I have a twin brother! Most common questions when they find out is: "Who's older?" Him by 2 minutes! "Are you Identical?" Nope, because I'm female and he's male, this isn't possible. I enjoy spending my time online, filming, editing and taking photos! I am also a dancer so this takes up quite a few weekends and weeknights but I absolutely love it! I do modern jive. I also am a huge animal lover and love going for walks, especially in the countryside!"

Life as an Influencer...

What initially made you get into Youtube and Instagram?

I had watched people for a few years on YouTube, I have always been into filming and editing and wanted to study it. So I thought it was the perfect way to do my hobby and having people watch my content is the best feeling! My mum has also had a channel for a few years before I started mine so she was also a big influence!

What is your experience of societies perception about pursuing Influencing and Youtube as a career path?

Having studied film, media and tv production in college, there was a few of us that had YouTube channels. However, our tutors were always sure that it would never be professional or 'as good' as film and tv. With most channels being run by 1 person, this was obvious but disheartening, I do it because I love it and don't plan on stopping any time soon! But I think that overall, opinions on YouTube are positive and it's a platform that many people love!

What are the pros and cons to being an Influencer in 2020?

Pros: It's an incredible opportunity and a great escapism from real life, you can pursue your hobbies and have them possibly turn into a career, what more could you want?!

You can create a dedicated audience that love your content and inspire people daily!

Many brands are now wanting to work with influencers of all sizes and the advertising world is now becoming a lot more online than it used to be!

Cons: Some people can be really nasty, luckily I don't receive much hate or trolls at all and I'm not very easily bothered by those comments but there are some places on the internet dedicated to pages for hate on certain people, I don't understand how people can be so horrible and can't keep their opinions to themselves. In reality they're probably jealous of the people who have a bigger following than them so choose to make fun.

What difficulties have you faced during your time as a youtuber and Influencer?

Difficulties I have faced have been getting content ideas, it sounds so simple to some people but there has been times when I've barely had any ideas. Also, comparing your journey/content to someone else's, when really we are all individual and our content is too. I can't help but be happy for someone when they make an amazing video/photo etc.

The influencer community is huge, who are your favourites to follow right now?

@meggangrubb @Beauty_spectrum (Molly Thompson) @beckiehart_ @withameliataylor @mollygracemarsh @amberrknight @taliamaizels (These all do YouTube as well as Instagram because I'm also a lover of vlogs!)

Let's get deep...

Recently the Black Lives Matter movement got the world's attention. Racism is finally being talked about openly, and white privilege is being acknowledged. What is your opinion on the BLM movement?

I think this is a very important matter that should be spoken about more often! It has definitely opened my eyes to things that I had no idea was happening. I continue to educate myself on the subject regularly.

Although the protests have mostly stopped for the time being, what can we do to make sure the movement and black lives continue to be supported?

Take notice in our everyday lives to ensure that everyone is being treated the way they should be, speak up if we see a situation that is unfair or not right. Continue to learn and be ope to hearing people's stories.

There has always been such a stigma surrounding mental health, how do you feel mental illness is being portrayed in today's society?

I think that mental illness is finally getting spoken about more which is so so important because it shouldn't be a taboo subject or seen as 'attention seeking'. It is so normal and many people will struggle with mental health in some way throughout their life. I think that it is good how people are talking about mental illnesses more so people can learn coping mechanisms etc and realise they are not alone.

What can we, the government and society do to progress mental health services and end the stigma surrounding it?

Continue to learn more about mental health, speak about it openly more and listen to the people with mental health issues so we can find out what help would be best for them.

As an Influencer you have to spend a lot of time on social media. Do you get affected by online trolling; whether it be directly or indirectly?

I have been very lucky with my time online because I have not received much hate or trolling. I have got some comments in the past on my Instagram and YouTube which were not nice. Personally I don't get that affected by it and can quite easily laugh it off, I have always been this way throughout life luckily. The comments haven't been too awful either and I normally just put it down to them being jealous of something. I believe the haters must have issues of their own, it does not excuse their behaviour but it does mean that usually it's not personal to the influencer.

Do you think social networks are doing enough to combat online trolling? If not, what can they do?

I think they could monitor it more but with platforms being so widely used, this is difficult. Maybe they could have somewhere to report accounts which are trolling and suspend the accounts.

Do you believe we are all individually responsible in stopping online trolls? What ca we as the users do to help stop them and protect others?

I believe we all need to do out part because nobody can watch everything on the platform since it is so huge! We can block and report accounts which are trolling.

How much acceptance do the LGBTQ+ community receive in your country?

In my country I see a good amount being done for the LGBTQ+ community, with everything, there could always be more done but it is definitely getting more recognition than it used to and I personally rarely ever see or hear bad comments about it!

Are we, as a society, making enough progress?

This depends what progress we are talking about. With many things, I think that we are making incredible progress with openly speaking about things more and considering people's feelings, what is right and wrong etc, more than it was 10-20 years ago. There always has been people that argue political subjects so they could do more to understand people's opinions and learn about matters more. I also think it's down to people individually to learn and improve themselves.

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue we as a world are facing?

Many things! There's so much happening in the world right now which is all important for different reasons.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to me is being happy, able to do what I want and have a flexible life I can take anywhere. It would be a dream to work online and do that from anywhere in the world! I love to explore and see new places. Also to be financially free is something most people want so I strive towards that. To be able to help out others, volunteer and donate more to charities is something I would love to do.

What else do you feel passionate about?

Positivity, this is because of the law of attraction. I could talk about this subject for a long time, to me it is so interesting! I would highly recommend researching it if you don't know already but in simple terms - what energies you give out to the universe, you get back. So giving off positive, happy energy to me is so important and seeing the good in every situation. It makes life seem a whole lot better if you have this mindset!

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions...

Tea or coffee?


Text or call?


Summer or winter?


Love or money?


Book or movie?


Meat or veggies?


TikTok or Youtube?

Youtube although TikTok is very addictive!

Fame or quiet life?

Somewhere in between.

Night in or night out?


. . .

You can follow Jas on her Instagram, Youtube, 21 Buttons and TikTok.

There's a new Influencer every Monday and Sunday at 6pm GMT, see you there!

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Love, Han


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