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Influencers Uncensored: with Kelly welburn

We have said goodbye to our popular Bloggers Uncensored series to make room for the new and improved Influencers Uncensored! You're probably wondering what the difference between the two is outside of changing the name slightly and how it's "new and improved". Well, in this new series we've expanded it beyond just the blogging community to involve all social media influencers and youtubers! We'll also be diving deeper into the life of an influencer, racism, mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+ and so much more! Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencers really think about the topics that matter? Well now you'll find out in this raw and uncensored interview series!

Excited? Good, because it's time to introduce the first influencer of the series!

Guys, I want you to meet Kelly - another beautiful Liverpool QUEEN and the beauty & lifestyle blogger behind Until Another Day. As well as being a huge makeup and skincare enthusiast, Kelly is a passionate foodie (same girl!) and traveller. After the interview be sure to visit her blog! My faves are 5 Ways to Practice Self Care, Top 5 Restaurants in Liverpool (*drooling* these restaurants can take ALL my money when lockdown is finished!) and 20 Boredom Busting Activities.

Now the introduction is done, let's get into the interview...

Life of an Influencer...

What initially made you get into blogging?

I started my blog around 3 years ago but didn't really give it much attention until late 2019. Over the years I have been obsessed with makeup and skincare and I wanted to have my own corner of the internet where I could showcase my own honest opinions on anything to do with beauty.

What is your experience of societies perception about pursuing blogging as a career path?

Although blogging isn't my career, it's more of a hobby, I would say that some people in society look down on those who are bloggers or influencers full-time. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a blogging career, turning your hobby into career sounds wonderful if you ask me!

What are the pros and cons of being an influencer in 2020?

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. As a blogger I have found that as the year progresses, I am beginning to struggle for content ideas. The main reason behind this is covid-19, although lockdown restrictions here in the UK are lifting, I still don't feel particularly comfortable venturing out into society as normal just yet. Therefore, this is having a negative impact on me as a blogger, it's harder to get inspiration for content.

Cons aside, 2020 has also had some positive effects on being a blogger. Since April, I have been able to regularly post content and engage with my audience over on Twitter and Instagram, a lot more than I have previously. I have had more time on my hands to concentrate on my blog now that I'm working from home.

What difficulties have you faced during your time as a blogger?

In all honesty, I haven't really faced difficulties whilst blogging, other than the occasional writers block. For that I am extremely grateful.

The influencer community is huge, who are your favourites to follow right now?

Here are some micro-influencers who I have been loving lately:

  • k.alexandrah on Instagram (@embarktoexplore on Twitter)

  • bella.inizio on Instagram (she has some great body positivity content)

  • @lovekyrax on Twitter

  • @female_original on Twitter

I have also been loving a couple of Youtube influencers, they are Sophdoeslife and Jamie Genevieve.

Let's get deep...

Recently the Black Lives Matter movement got the world's attention. Racism is finally being talked about openly, and white privilege is being acknowledged. What is your opinion on the BLM movement?

I am so glad that racism is being talked about openly across the world. To me and millions of others, it's crazy how racism is still happening. Being black or in any ethnic minority group should not warrant people to treat you any differently than if you were white. It is utterly heart breaking that George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many others have been killed simply for being black. I am in complete agreement with the BLM movement and I am actively trying to educate myself on the tragic events that have happened and are sadly still happening. Change is needed!

Although the protests have mostly stopped for the time being, what can we do to make sure the movement and black lives continue to be supported?

Keep signing petitions, donate if you are able and keep educating ourselves on the BLM movement. If you aren't already aware, Netflix has created its own BLM section featuring documentaries and movies surrounding the racial injustices black people have faced throughout history. I'd really recommend watching 13th and LA 92! I left school 7 years ago, but during my time in education, the history of racism was only briefly covered in the curriculum. I think racism should be covered in both primary and secondary schools, I think educating people about racism from a young age is extremely important.

There has always been such a stigma surrounding mental health, how do you feel mental illness is being portrayed in today's society?

Mental Health is now being spoken out about more openly than it ever has previously, the stigma is finally beginning to disappear. Throughout my blogging journey, I have noticed mental health bloggers appearing more frequently in the community. People are honestly talking about their experiences with mental health which I think is a great thing. Having mental health discussions is super important, suffering in silence should never be an option. I have often reached out to bloggers who are going through difficult times, just listening and being there for someone is so minor but can make a huge difference.

What can we, the government and society do to progress mental health services and end the stigma surrounding it?

Mental health services need to be more regularly available. I understand that there are huge waiting lists for the NHS counselling services etc. and I personally feel that the government needs to do more and provide funding for these oversubscribed services. I also feel that GPs need to have more knowledge on the options available to those suffering with mental health problems. I hear often that GPs are incorrectly diagnosing patients.

As an influencer you have to spend a lot of time on social media. Do you get affected by online trolling; whether it be directly or indirectly?

Fortunately, I have never experienced any form of trolling or online abuse and I hope I'm never faced with it.

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions...

Tea or coffee?


Text or call?


Summer or winter?


Love or money?


Book or movie?


Sex or pizza?

Oh c'mon! Both.

Meat or veggies?

Meat, I love burgers!

Tiktok or Youtube?


Fame or quiet life?

Quiet life.

Night in or night out?

I've had too many nights in lately, so night out!

. . .

You can follow Kelly on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

There's a new Influencer every Monday and Sunday at 6pm GMT, see you there!

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Love, Han


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