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Influencers Uncensored: with mydaisystyle

We have said goodbye to our popular Bloggers Uncensored series to make room for the new and improved Influencers Uncensored! You're probably wondering what the difference between the two is outside of changing the name slightly and how it's "new and improved". Well, in this new series we've expanded it beyond just the blogging community to involve all social media influencers and youtubers! We'll also be diving deeper into the life of an influencer, racism, mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+ and so much more! Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencers really think about the topics that matter? Well now you'll find out in this raw and uncensored interview series!

Excited? Good! Because it's time to introduce you to today's influencer...

Everyone, meet Daisy - a 25 year old queen living just outside of Brighton, and the blogger behind MyDaisyStyle. If her fashion, beauty and lifestyle centred blog wasn't enough to make me love following her, her creative and colourful Insta feed definitely is! Seriously, her edits are UNREAL! You can see a few of my faves here, here and here.

Life as an Influencer...

What initially made you get into blogging and Instagram influencing?

Before venturing into the world of blogging and Instagram, I was focusing on recovering from anorexia and severe anxiety. My world was completely turned upside down and at the peak of my illness, I had to turn down a place to study law at Oxford University. I worked so hard to achieve my goal and not being able to fulfil it was devastating although today, with hindsight, I can safely say that the decision to get help and not go to university saved my life. During my recovery, I decided to set up MyDaisyStyle to interact with like-minded people and talk about all things fashion and lifestyle. It enabled me to have a positive escape and focus on something I loved doing.

What is your experience of societies perception about pursuing blogging and influencing as a career path?

This is something that I am really passionate about. The media especially and people who have no experience in this industry, will have no idea how much hard work and dedication it takes. We have to deal with all aspects of a business such as finance, marketing, technology and the list goes on. I would say don't let anyone trivialise your job. Just because we don't go to an office from 9-5 doesn't make us any less committed, dedicated or serious about our work. This is a job, way of life and for some people a life line to connect with people around the world.

What are the pros and cons to being an Influencer in 2020?

The pros of blogging in 2020 are the wide range of topics, people and niches that exist on the internet now. There is a place on the internet for everyone no matter what their interests are. ALso, the endless scope for creativity and the opportunity to connect with people who you might not meet in your day to day life. The cons, well, it has to be the 'trolling' and negativity that goes on. Although I haven't experienced it myself, I have been aware of other creators' experiences.

What difficulties have you faced during your time as a blogger and influencer?

Getting my content out there. With so many fantastic blogs and creators out there, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out and reach an audience. Sometimes you feel your work isn't being seen my people on Instagram due to the algorithm which can be so frustrating.

The Influencer community is huge, who are your favourites to follow right now?

The industry is packed with amazingly talented people so much so that I find fantastic new people to follow on a daily basis! However, I must say @jadeannloves Instagram theme and colour palette is just so gorgeous and her varying photos always give the confidence to try new angles. For fashion, my go to person is @astyleinthemaking; her outfits are gorgeous. And of course @sh_creativemess for her amazing outlook on mental health and her amazing 'I have but I am more' hashtag.

Let's get deep...

Recently the Black Lives Matter movement got the world's attention. Racism is finally being talked about openly, and white privilege is being acknowledged. What is your opinion on the BLM movement?

The BLM movement was long overdue and finally racism is being openly talked about and this will hopefully lead to educating the world on racism and will lead to vital changes in our society. This time humanity has to step up and help create a world for future generations where everyone feels equal, safe and listened to. I have learnt so much from the BLM movement and have taken this opportunity to further educate myself on a subject which we all need to pay attention to. We have a long road to go but every step will bring us closer to a better, fairer world.

Although the protests have mostly stopped for the time being, what can we do to make sure the movement and black lives continue to be supported?

Keep the conversation going; don't let things go back to normal. We need to rise up and do better. Secondly, listen to what marginalised people are saying; it's not about our feelings or opinions, it's about hearing, listening and acting on theirs. Lastly, get involved in groups working for social justice, whether that means subscribing to email lists, following them on social media or showing up in person to events. We need to support their work.

What does the word "feminist" mean to you?

To me feminist means someone supporting equal rights, opportunities and pay for women. It also means women must be allowed to make their own choices. We must work together to change societies' narrative on the way women should look, dress and act and on an individual level, we must be allowed to make our own decisions. For example, wearing make ip or not and what to do with our body hair!

In 2020, how important do you think the feminist movement is?

Vital. The movement must continue, keep evolving and growing. Hopefully one day there will be an equal world for everyone.

There has always been such a stigma surrounding mental health, how do you feel mental illness is being portrayed in today's society?

There is no question that we have come a long way in the last 10 years. Instead of being something that isn't talked about, people are now aware of the devastating effects mental health can have on someone's life. There are adverts, helplines and a much better understanding of its complexities in schools, universities and places of work. However, as with topics of such nature, there is definitely still work to do and to educate people further.

What can we, the government and society do to progress mental health services and end the stigma surrounding it?

Talk openly about it. By talking about mental health we can help overcome the stigma and help empower others. It will help other people live an empowered life by owning their life, their story and refusing to allow other people to label you and dictate how to feel about yourself.

As an influencer you have to spend a lot of time on social media. Do you get affected by online trolling; whether it be directly or indirectly?

As I mentioned previously, I have definitely been affected indirectly by trolling. It makes you question what sort of person would leave such hideous comments. But you have to remember it is more of a reflection on their unhappiness and problems than an observation on you.

Do you think social networks are doing enough to combat online trolling? If not, what can they do?

No I don't. Although recently there have been major changes made to ensure internet companies are held accountable for these downfalls. Plans for an online harms bill have been outlined which means Ofcom have the powers to regulate and prosecute internet companies. Hopefully this will be the step forward we need to make the internet a safer place.

Do you believe we are all individually responsible in stopping online trolls? What cab we as the users do to help stop and protect others?

I believe it is our individual duty to block the user and immediately report them. This will hopefully protect others in the immediate future from their unnecessary abuse.

How much acceptance do the LGBTQ+ community receive in your country?

The UK certainly has come a long way regarding LGBTQ+ acceptance and groundbreaking movements. I am proud to live in a country with such forward thinking views and pride celebrations, although there is still room for improvement.

Are we, as a society, making enough progress?

I'm proud of the progress we have made, but until everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feels safe and accepted in the world, we still have work to do.

In your opinion, why in 2020 do you think some people, cultures and countries still have a strong dislike or disdain towards the community?

Inherited homophobia is definitely a problem in our world. Ideas and perceptions are passed down through generations which can be difficult to break. Deep rooted religious views can also spread a dangerous amount of hate. In this day and age, there is no need for discrimination in any religion. Hopefully, today, with the abundant amount of resources available, people are able to educate themselves and make their own world views.

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue we as a world are facing?

Currently in 220, the biggest problem facing our world is global public health. The Coronavirus has shaken the world and left an indelible mark which will never heal. It definitely changed the world and took away people's peace of mind as the threat of another pandemic can never be erased.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is a powerful word and means something different to everyone. To me as a woman, it means freedom to vote and have an equal say in our democratic political society.

What else do you feel passionate about?

Be kind to people, you don't know what battles they are facing. It really isn't hard to spread kindness. Even smiling at a stranger can make their day.

Let's end this with some fun 'This or That' questions...

Tea or coffee?

Both, I couldn't choose between them.

Text or call?


Summer or winter?


Love or money?


Book or movie?


Sex or pizza?

At the moment with the virus and social distancing definitely pizza!

Meat or veggies?


Tiktok or Youtube?


Fame or quiet life?

Quiet life.

Night in or night out?

Night in.

. . .

You can follow Daisy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Love, Han


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