• Han Butler

Moving On and Moving Up

We're often told that moving on after a difficult time can be easy if we just set our mind to it, but it's not always as easy as that. If you've ever been through a difficult period, such as a breakup, or a difficult time financially, then you will know even getting ready for the day can be a chore. Not everybody has the tools available to them to move on quite so quickly, but here are some idea that can help you move on without much difficulty in the long run.


Support Network

Having a fantastic support network is invaluable at times like these. If you aren't sure who to turn to, then check out your messages and see who has messaged you the most to check how you were feeling and how you are getting on. Because the chances are this person will be there for you in a supportive and caring way. Generally, our closest friends and family are a godsend during this period, and they can usually help you out of a depressive state, and encourage you to find your way while aiming for the light at the end of the tunnel.


It may not seem easy to "have fun", but we have to have positive interactions and decisive actions to be able to feel happier and better about ourselves. Of course, if you have had financial difficulties in the past, and need guarantor loans for bad credit, then these activities should be low-cost and work for your budget. Still, overall there are plenty of things such as Picnics and the cinema that does not cost too much. Having fun with family and friends is nothing to feel guilty about, and you should be able to have a wonderful time without worrying.


Keeping yourself distracted, and doing the best to entertain yourself, is A) going to prevent you from dwelling on your problems, and b) spending money you don't have. And ultimately having a hobby can help boost your confidence and self worth. Many people start a hobby to fill some time, and then go on to build great ideas, and entertainment plans. There are plenty of people who have picked up a new hobby, mastered it and then became famous or very successful in the field they have chosen. It's always worth remembering that a hobby is just that and is there to be enjoyed. If you find you aren't having fun anymore, then change or find something different to do as life's too short to waste it doing things you don't enjoy.

At the end of the day, hobbies are a pleasant distraction from day to day mundane life, so adding these to your day is a brilliant contrast. And spending time with your friends will also certainly help you move on from a difficult time. Just hold onto the fact that this too shall pass, and before long, the hard times will be like a distant memory.

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