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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

This site went live tonight after 42 hours of nervous waiting since pressing that blue publish button. I've worked so hard, and put so many hours in to it - and now it's finally here. I'll be honest, I have been absolutely terrified to show everyone in case you all liked my old blog better. If you're a new reader, my old blog was called Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters, and it was my baby for over two years. Deciding to build this site and re-brand was definitely not a decision I made easily, in fact it took me months to finally grow the balls to do it. But here I am with a new site, new name, new design - and I have to say I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I assume you'll have a few questions about the re-brand so I'll answer those below.

Why did I decide to create a new site and leave SH;AL behind?

When I began SH;AL in early 2016, I did it anonymously. I had a lot of issues that I needed to work through and talk about but through fear, I didn't want anyone who knew me to find out. It helped me to work through my personal problems and also allowed me to help a few people in the process. After lifting my anonymity, I could never have predicted the incredible response I received from sharing my story, and the insane confidence I gained. Like I said, that blog was my baby, so moving on to a new adventure was not a spontaneous decision, it was one I thought long and hard about and one that I believe was necessary. I've grown as a person so much in the last couple years, and SH;AL had a huge part to play in that, but it represented the old me too much, and I felt it was time to create something true to the me I am today. That's why I created this site. It's scary and it's exciting, but that's how the greatest chapters begin right?

Why the name Safe Haven; Chronicles of a Creative Mess?

I had a hard time coming up with a name at first because I wanted it to represent me and the countless subjects I write about, but also be something that connects me to the blog that started it all. After a lot of brain storming and help from one of my best friends I landed on Safe Haven; Chronicles of a Creative Mess. As you've probably already worked out, Safe Haven is something that I've brought over from my previous blog. When I created SH;AL, I wanted it to be a safe haven for myself and for others, and I believe I created that. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wanted this blog to have that same value and to continue to be a safe place. The rest of the name pretty much came from the fact that I am a creative mess, and this site chronicles that.

What content can you expect?

The avenue I was taking SH;AL in, in terms of content, is pretty much what you'll be getting here too. I have 5 niche's: lifestyle, mental health, blogging, sex & relationships, and feminism. Most of the time they'll be a how to, tips, advice or my opinions, but occasionally it'll be a personal post.

Despite the re-brand, I'll also be keeping my ever popular blog series Bloggers Uncensored. I love the series just as much as you do, so I just had to carry it on! If you don't already know what Bloggers Uncensored is, it is an interview series that gives you the opportunity to read your favourite bloggers' honest and uncensored opinions on real life topics, including: feminism, mental health, freedom, bullying, LGBT and more. As per the old schedule, there will be a new interview published every Sunday at 5pm.

I hope you like this new site as much as I do, and I hope you'll join me on this new journey.

Love, Han


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