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Zodiacs In The Bedroom (and out of it)

Astrology can tell you a lot about a person - what they like, what they don't like, what they want and what they don't. Astrologists have been known for accurately representing the personality traits of the star signs and peoples attitude towards sex. Some signs are spontaneous and get aroused by the idea of 'doing it' outside of the bedroom, whilst some like to keep it sensual in the safety of their own bed.

Each sign in the zodiac has their own way of getting down to business, and I'll be going through each one to tell you what turns them on, how they like to do it, and generally what makes them tick. Even if you're a skeptic when it comes to zodiacs and eye roll at the mere thought of horoscopes, this could still be a fun and eye-opening post for you. So, let's see what the stars have to say about your libido shall we...



Whilst aggressive and impulsive, they're also sincere and enthusiastic lovers with an intense passion, resulting in action-packed sex. Although Aries are known for having incredible stamina, they can often be selfish and quick; so I wouldn't expect your hot session to last too long, especially with foreplay not being their strong suit.

Whether they're doing it in their bed or giving in to their desire to have spontaneous quickies in unusual places, this dominating sign will be keeping their sex red hot and animalistic - which means the men will most likely be doing it from behind and the women will be on top. They simply like to be in charge.


Abstaining from sex is close to impossible for a Taurus, which is no surprise since they're the most sensual sign in the zodiac. Taurean's like to shower their partner in affection and romance, followed by intense physical contact. When it comes to sex they're very straightforward - they want it to be slow and irresistible, which isn't difficult to do on their end because they're known for their long lasting and steady stamina.

For this sensual sign, sex is a very physical, full-body experience in which they use all of their senses, with a whole lot of kissing and touching. Unsurprisingly aroused by sultry massages, they also get turned on by kisses on the neck and throat. If you're getting into bed with a Taurus you'll find that the good old missionary position is their preferred choice - with almost constant eye contact.

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Gemini are naturally curious and energetic lovers. They like to keep things light and fun so they don't tend to take sex too seriously. Turning this sign on is pretty easy, you just have to have a way with words. That's right - they love word seduction, so try sexting and bring your dirty talk A game.

Aside from loving to kiss, wanting you to pin them down by their arms, and a lot of foreplay, they also find switching positions frequently to be very arousing for them. Being the playful thrill-seekers that they are, they're always up for experimenting with different positions and games.


This sensitive and devoted sign are majorly governed by their emotions, which means they're not a big fan of casual sex. They need to have a deep connection and be committed to their partner before they jump into bed with them.

For the Cancer sign, sex is a deep and emotional form of intimacy, so it's not a surprise that they prefer romantic eye contact over wild, animalistic sex. However, once this submissive sign feels comfortable in their relationship, they can be very sensual and deeply erotic in bed.


When it comes to the bedroom, Leo's want to be the star of the show. They can sometimes come off a bit too strong, but all they want is to be loved, needed and admired; in life and in bed. These enthusiastic lovers are pretty keen on giving lap dances - in return for your admiration of course.

Although highly passionate and dramatic, it doesn't take much to turn them on - light caresses down their spine does the trick perfectly. If you get into bed with a Leo, just know that they're constantly trying to be the best.

Photo by Fernando Favero


Inaccurately represented as being prudish and innocent, Virgo's actually enjoy regular sex because they believe that sex is necessary for their health and well-being - they're not wrong - and they release all of their tension and stress during sex.

This serious and calculated sign find themselves aroused by wit and some good intellectual conversation, but if you really want to turn them on, simply run your nails gently across their stomach - it drives them wild! If you decide to get into bed with a Virgo then you're certainly in for a treat, because while they prefer reverse cowgirl/boy positions, they will stop at nothing to please you, making you feel way more attended to.


Libra's love being in love! For them, being happy in a relationship is much more important than sex. But don't get the wrong idea, because this irresistibly charming sign is still highly provocative, just in a more private way. They like to keep their intimate moments in the bedroom with the curtains closed. Don't take that to mean their sex is boring and bland, because in fact, role playing and sex games is a massive turn on for Libra. They're also extremely giving, but that comes with the expectation that you'll return all the favours - so 69 might work perfectly here.


Scorpio is the predator of the zodiac and the sign most closely associated with sex. Sex is very private and personal for this sign, but in the bedroom it's pure fiery, intense passion. This extremely sexual sign is deeply aroused by exploring both dominance and submission. Their deep desire for power and full body pleasures makes their bedroom sessions quite complex.

Photo by Edward Eyer


Being the most adventurous sign and natural explorers, it's no shock that they're always up for experimenting in and out of the bedroom. It's pretty obvious how you turn this sexual sign on - spontaneous sex!

Public sex is also a pretty big turn on for them, they find the added risk of being caught really exciting. You'll never be left wondering what they want because they're very direct with their desires - they simply enjoy the raw physicality of sex.


Similar to Cancer, this cautious sign wants a connection before they jump into bed with you. They may seem reserved but they're actually among the freakiest lovers of the zodiac and are very much dedicated to pleasure. However their traditional nature means they're into more straightforward sex and unlike Gemini, they prefer to keep the positions consistent.


Although this sign needs interesting conversation with someone before jumping straight into sex, they're not really a deep romantic relationship type, they much prefer friends with benefits. Aquarius tend to have a lot of sexual fantasies that include getting caught; they get turned on by the idea of breaking rules - I'm sensing a bit of a bad boy fetish here.

But if you really want an Aquarius to find you attractive, try phone sex - they're a big fan! Even though they generally find the idea of sex more exciting than sex itself, they do still like to experiment and are driven by wild passion.


This romantic and seductive sign is always open to all sexual expressions, with their sex being extremely erotic. Pisces always puts their partner's needs first during sex to make sure they're truly getting the most out of it; even after they've rocked your world, this sensitive sign makes sure to be considerate and caring. If you want to give something back to the Pisces in you life, a good foot massage really turns them on.

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Now go put those zodiac insights to good use, you sexy lot!

Love, Han


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